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 Races of Faerenwell

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There are four subspicies of elves in Faerenwell.

High Elves:
Formed through magic, these beings excell at potions and enchantments. They are etherial and are admired for their knowledge.

Wood Elves:
Sons and daughters of nature, they live among the trees and are lovers of plants and the like. They prefer the bow and arrow as well as traps. They are loved for their scerenity.

Coastal Elves:
These tan-skinned, light haired elves are tropical wonders. Known for their beauty and tradesmanship, they live on the water, their town spanning over the sea and the beach surrounding it. They are peaceful and welcome all to trade. They are known for their hospitality.

Abyssal Elves:
Cunning creatures, abyssal elves only really like to converge with themselves as a species. Though they make amazing allies. Known for their skills in weaponry, they make for a good fight! They live in the warmer area of the world, their town surrounding an active volcano, they keep the entertainments at a high note, they are party animals in truth. They are known for their vigor!

All elves follow their Queen, who travels from each town to stay in one of her manors, she is a Coastal Elf specifically, though she is part of the elves as a whole. She prefers to stay at the Wood Elf territory during the spring, the coastal during summer, the high elf town during fall, and the abyssal sanctuary in winter.


The water dwellers have a fantastic city under the sea near the coastal elven city. The Aquarians are friendly to most and appreciate having tourists and traders come down to them. They rarely venture above ground for they are not used to the depressurization of surfacing.


The Humans are a strong faction with sturdy archetecture and are well-rounded. With a good knowledge of most things, they're great in most anything. They prefer to travel in packs rather than alone, though you will find a lone wolf out there every once in a while. The Human city is the center gathering point for all that is in Faerenwell. Everyone no matter their race or gender is welcome in the Human city for whatever it is they need. The Humans have a natural curiosity about the world and are often found exploring it.


The hearts of the earth, these hard workers are known for their crafting skills. They make some of the finest armour and weapons you will ever see, save for bows and arrows. They are a strong race, and are a force to be reckoned with. They live underground in three mountains, hollowed out, and striking on the inside. Quite fond of mining, they are the ones to go to for Iron, Gold, and Diamond. Dwarves often only come up to the surface of their home to trade or travel. They live underground, and generally dislike water. You will almost never find a dwarf in the Merfolk or Coastal elven territories. Although they frequent the Abyssal elf land.
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Races of Faerenwell
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