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 Standard Rules for both Server and Forums

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Standard Rules for both Server and Forums Empty
PostSubject: Standard Rules for both Server and Forums   Standard Rules for both Server and Forums Icon_minitimeThu Feb 23, 2012 5:35 pm

Here are the forum and server rules... The server rules can also be found both online at as well as in-game near the spawning area and by typing the command "/rules"

Rules come in three types: ZERO TOLERANCE, WARNING, and SIDE RULES.

Zero tolerance is as it sounds... breaking one of these types leaves the player at risk of being jailed straight away or banned from the server... usually it depends on the rule broken and is up to the defending player how to prosecute the rule breaker.

Warning rules are usually just a warning to the player or a small jail sentence depending on the severity of the rule broken.

Side Rules are usually placed for common sense and are more to just be aware of, offenders usually just partake in a slight scolding or verbal correction of what they did wrong.


NO Racial Slurs or comments
NO Griefing or causing trouble
Repeated offenses will be treated as ZERO TOLERANCE regardless of rule type


NO spamming in chat channels
DO NOT stackblock to get over walls not your own
DO NOT break into houses/building you do not own
DO NOT take blocks place by someone else
NO harassing other players


Be polite, kind and respectful
Be tolerant with other players
Use common sense
Please use English (try to limit 1337 speak)
Do not ask for teleports / promotions
Obey the rules
TRY not to build eye sores and make the world ugly
Have fun and contribute to the server

Forum rules all will be based on the same rule system... at least for the rules that can be applied to forums... in other words, I understand you can't "grief" a forum... but the causing trouble part still stands!!

These are the current standing rules and are open to changes as the server continues to accrue more players. If there are any rules that anyone believes should be added, please feel free to post the rule in mind along with which type of rule it should be listed as. In addition, if there is anything that you believe should be changed or rearranged within the current list of rules, feel free to speak up about that as well.
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Standard Rules for both Server and Forums
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